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History of OSCAR

From 2015 All India School of Management and Information Technology (AISMIT) along with other activities they also started an awareness campaign on Amateur Radio and its relevance in the current century. The main person behind this awareness campaign was Nilkantha Chatterjee. He is also the founder director of AISMIT. After 2018 another organization named The Smart Future Foundation joined with AISMIT in this activity. Everything was running very smoothly until the disaster came across the globe by the name Covid-19. But this pandemic was unable to stop Nilkantha Chatterjee popularly known as Nil Sir among students to spread education. He started Free Classes for Amateur Radio with the help of few other HAM across the world. Gradually these classes become famous among all interested. And these free online classes get an official name OSCAR on 15th August 2020. OSCAR is the abbreviation of Open Source Classes for Amateur Radio. Right now OSCAR India is the only PAN India Group. They planned classes and also provided technical training via online and offline to help the HAM Radio community.   

Mission of OSCAR

Mission is to provide free open source Amateur Radio Classes so that Amateur Radio becomes more popular in these days and by using this mode of communication, it will help women empowerment in the field of communication.

Radio and OSCAR

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Amateur Radio Sports, DXING, Direction Finding

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Online study materials to pass ASOC Examinations and Learn about Radio

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to become a HAM you will have to pass ASOC Examination.

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Current News


OSCAR - Open Source Classes for Amateur Radio

  • 14th February 2022
  • 5PM to 6PM


Direction Finding Sports - Lucknow

  • 6th March 2022
  • 11AM


Celebrating 12th World Radio Day 2022

  • 12th February 2022
  • 5PM to 6PM

OSCAR or Open Source Classes for Amateur Radio is the brainchild of Nilkantha Chatterjee. OSCAR is the only PAN India group in the field of Amateur Radio popularly known as HAM Radio. Nilkantha Chatterjee, famous as Nil Sir started this with an aim of promoting Amateur Radio hobby among all interested students of India. OSCAR never charges a single penny to provide education for ASOC Examination. The program OSCAR is supported by All India School of Management and Information Technology & The Smart Future Foundation.